The whisperer

Type         Gallery Work, Illustration
Show        L O O S E
Gallery     Mr Griddle Studio Space

A fully traditional work for a local group show called L O O S E: Musings of Women Who Have Lost It. It's an exhibit about flashes of insanity and momentary lapses to irrationality when bolts in our heads get a little loose and we go under unstable weathers.

Introspection turns sour, thoughts become actions, actions become the self. A visualization of overthinking. The crow is The Whisperer. She whispers and mumbles a terrible litany of past mistakes, awful experiences or weak moments--making us vulnerable to assumptions and conclusions. As the litany continues, the cage of brambles grow. Unable to move, thoughts soon began to take form as a serpent. The serpent grows enough to swallow its tail, as we dig our way into the abyss deeper and deeper, episodes become longer and harder to get out of.

An unending cycle of self-doubt and loss of confidence. Words twisted and tangled into a new monstrosity.

Kring Demetrio