Type                Editorial Illustration
Publication      New Reader Magazine
Issue               01, "MULTIVISION"
Editor             Ma Dominique Dela Paz

Maiden issue commission from New Reader Magazine. The original cover drawing had a darker spin. The subject of the cover is inspired from images of Janus, the god of Time and Space, who is usually depicted with two faces in antiquity.  However, I took liberty and gave him/her several more facial features to depict an almost insect-like multivision. The other inspiration is the robot from Metropolis (1927), which I thought portrayed a very fitting and retro-futuristic image of a visionary creation, both dangerous and beautiful.  The revised image was given a more vivid palette to reflect a lighter tone with the magazine's first issue.

There were several spot illustrations commissioned for the interior of the magazine. All of them accompanied by prose or poetry.


Initial concept for the issue cover. Kindly click the image for full view.