Type         Personal Work, Illustration

Lady Lactose is a nonsense creature-ego. An anthropomorphic interpretation of one of my fantastical personas. She lives in old ruins; all ancient ruins are a gateway to her kingdom. She is abundance and scarcity at the same time.  Though she is named Lactose, none of her breasts give milk but she is mother to many old memories. Her 'milk' is the forgetfulness of beings.

She has two and a half faces, and two heads. One is of a blind raven. All of her faces dream while the raven keeps watch. She doesn't see, she hears. Her kingdom smells of old wardrobes and books. Dust is her natural aroma. She moves both slowly and abruptly; never in one place. The music of her realm is a skipping record, on a loop for eternity. 

She is sister to the entity of plastic newness and carpet mildew, Tapioca Horror.

Kring Demetrio