Type         Gallery Work, Illustration
Show        FUTURISM
Gallery     Robinsons Galleria Cebu

My piece for the 2018 Cebu Graphic Design Week's FUTURISM Exhibit. An invitation-only show of 50 prominent emerging and established Cebu graphic artists. Futurism is a show about artistic interpretations of the future, whether it be the future of humanity, or ideas of the future in general. Inspired by H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, I took a cue from his fictional future human species and depicted it with some additions of my own. Red sun, earth back to nature, anatomical mutations and the like.

802,701 AD. The human species has split into two; the surface dwelling ELOI, small and naive, curly-haired cherubims with large eyes, small ears and red mouths, and the more sinister MORLOCKS; underground dwellers, small creatures with dull pale skin, large grayish-red eyes and chinless faces. The latter clothe and feed the former, and in return, the Morlocks feed on the Eloi. These are the descendants of humanity as seen by The Traveler from The Time Machine.

Kring Demetrio