RESURGENCE: The Return of Vibrance and Reemergence of Purpose


It's time for Light Grey Art Lab Gallery's Spring Exhibitions! And I'm happy to mention that I'm paticipating in a curated exhibition by James Lavella. 11 international artists are sending their works for the show. This time, I'm sending physical prints to the gallery. A limited edition of 15 and a framed print with gold ink embellishments will be available for purchase on location and online. 

My piece for this show is Persephone as she emerges from Hades to meet her mother, Demeter, thus bringing spring to life (again). I chose a strange palette of grey and gold. I've been recently obssessed with this palette. 

I've seen an update that the framed print is already sold. But unframed prints are still available. To purchase them, head over to this link.