OTAKUFEST 2018 Artist Alley

  Photo by Adrian Muntuerto

Photo by Adrian Muntuerto


I was part of this year's OTAKUFEST Artist Alley. Otakufest has been going strong for more than a decade and one of the biggest conventions in Cebu City. It celebrates fan culture through cosplay, art and other performance forms.  It was humid and the weather was weird but I pulled through, thanks to my partner, as usual, for helping me manage the booth. 

For this event, I made a series of drawings as tribute to a few Ghibli films and collaborated with Papers & Tschai Handmade Studio to have these artworks on its sketchook covers and sold on location. They were sold out immediately! Took only four hours for people to grab theur hands on all the copies. I also sold out my old stuff like The Zodiac Collection and my bookmarks.

In the end, it was a pretty successful day! I did not make on-the-spot commissions for the event but people were happy enough to buy my big prints! Thanks to the Otakufest crew for such a fulfilling Otakufest 2018!