The Light Grey Art Lab exhibition NEVER ODD OR EVEN opened last Friday. I'm part of the 60 artists chosen out of 402 that applied. And in that 60, only two of us are from the Philippines. My fellow Filipino artist is Frances Alvarez of Ilustrador Ng Kabataan (INK). They've put up the digital gallery for your viewing. And they're selling our works as high-quality digital prints. You can buy them personally from their gallery or you can shop online.

The digital gallery:

My artwork for the show is The Dead Venus. Seen on LANDSCAPE format--she becomes the reclining Venus, erotic and beautiful. As a PORTRAIT, she is butchered, dead and mutilated. This illustrates that disturbing paradox of seeing beauty with the gore, a romanticization of body horror that still attracts our silently morbid selves even today. We never see the morbid reality till we see it from a different perspective.