MIDNIGHT: Dreams and Subconscious Show

Hello, everyone! Light Grey Art Lab's latest show; MIDNIGHT: Dreams and Subconscious opened last Friday! The online gallery is up too. All artworks for this show depict a dream the artist had and you are free to give interpretations till Oct 31. Give your thoughts through the form they provided online. 

My work for this show is called His Skin Is Soot. 

THE DREAM: In a place of perpetual afternoon light, stands a yellow two-story building; its wings infinite they fade into the mist. I'm six again and I'm wearing my favorite Sunday dress. I walk into the yellow building and, there are seven flights of stairs that lead to floors, indicating the place is larger than was imagined. The place is empty, save for a room at the highest part of the building. It is a small room, the size of a walk-in closet and in the middle is a stone slab and on it is a man drenched in black as if the shadows swallowed him. His skin is soot, and he is both alive and dead at the same time; I would go to him but I'd always wake up before I could. I still wonder who he is.

To purchase a print: http://shop.lightgreyartlab.com/collections/midnight/products/his-skin-is-soot-by-kring-demetrio

His Skin Is Soot