L O O S E Exhibit Video Snippet

Here's a video snippet by just.Sky of our recent group show at Mr Griddle Studio Space. My fellow exhibiting artists are all my peers in the Cebuano illustration and design scene. In celebration of mental health month, we present LOOSE; an exhibit exploring those moments when the bolts in our heads loosen up and we set our emotions free. Unable to speak through words, choosing to speak through our images. Artists in exhibition: Jan Sunday Quilaquil (photography installation), Kring "The Drawer Kring" Demetrio (graphite and gold markers on paper), Maddy  "Astraberry" Boone-Migallos (watercolor and colored pencil paintings) and  Evalu Olivar (pen and ink drawings). 

Here's also a coverage by Nosy and SUNSTAR CEBU Weekend

LOOSE had its run from May 12th to the 26th at Mr. Griddle Studio Space,Banilad, Cebu City




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