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Art Portfolio of Kring Demetrio


HI! Welcome to my digital work portfolio! Here I've arranged my polished works, sketches, illustrations and design work with digital media for your viewing.

I mainly work with graphite but I also explore digital painting to practice values, levels and color skills. To view my full work history, here's my full resume. Kindly skim through my works and enjoy!


STILL SERIES | exhibit pieces

 DIGITAL STUDIES | brushwork sketches


For full details of these selected published books throughout my three year experience as a children's book illustrator, kindly visit my Children's Book Illustration Portfolio.



HIKAY RESTAURANT | Maya Franco Design Group

Through 22 Tango Creatives & Maya Franco Design Group, I was commissioned to create a logo for HIKAY Restaurant in 2012. The concept was to make it look sophisticated and young but should embody a brush of Filipino culture. The initial concepts were vectored and seemed cafe-like. I was trying to put in the image concepts of a ladle, a candle, a plate and a fish. The second attempt was more experimental and I decided to use freehand to make it informal and fun. I wrote the restaurant's name in dry and wet brush techniques with a traditional medium: chinese ink on paper and later edited digitally. The picture logo and the green word logo were finally chosen.


STRANGEFELLOWS | Private Commission

A logo commission from a private individual for a soon-to-open speakeasy bar. The concept was a logo design for the business card to embody the Jazz Age and the cocktail culture of that era. Inspiration was largely taken from late Art Nouveau and early Art Deco as well as musical instruments like the violin and the shape of a saxophone. Concepts of otherness, strangeness and mystery of the speakeasy culture were applied for the initial sketches. The picture logo is a lime garnish forming a martini glass as well as the letter 'S'. All initial sketches done in traditional medium: graphite on tracing paper. Eventually settled on the logo that was inspired from Klimt's handwriting. Final logo was vectored and rendered digitally. The business card will be black and the letters in embossed gold, recalling classic whiskey logo colors.

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