Photo by Jan Sunday Quilaquil

Photo by Jan Sunday Quilaquil



KRING is an illustrator based in Cebu, Philippines. Originally from Cagayan de Oro City, she started drawing at five and has been involved in various artistic endeavors. She enjoys reading metaphysics, shooting with arrows, drawing with old pencils, and ocassionally using obsolete versions of Photoshop. 

Her works include book illustrations, editorial images and gallery art pieces. Besides peer-organized group shows within Cebu City, she has exhibited in 856G Gallery (Cebu City) for HER/A: An All-Female Exhibit in 2015, and with Light Grey Art Lab Gallery (Minneapolis, MN) for various shows--with RESURGENCE, for their 2018 spring exhibitions, being the most recent.

She's inspired by historical ruins, weird museums, strange flora and fauna, death and decay, old cabinets and odd trinkets. Her preferred subjects have swung between favorite myths and personal monsters.

She lives with her partner and their three cats.


+ Are all of your drawings done traditionally?

Yes and no. Some are full traditional works and others are trad-digital. Trad-digital pieces are traditional graphite drawings which I then scan and color digitally. Sometimes, I draw some elements digitally too. So, it's a balanced mix of traditional and digital work.

+ What's your medium/media?

I prefer to use a combination of old and new pencils of both prominent and questionable brands, like the cheap ones I find in old bookstores, they break easy but graphite is graphite! 3H for initial sketching and shading. HB for first layer of levels. 2B for final line work and shading. 2B-6B Mont Martre Woodless Graphite for graphite powder and smoke effect. Other traditional media that I've worked with are tea, coffee, chocolate, watercolor, acrylic and ink. For digital editing, my preferred software is Photoshop. For digital brushes, I use Kyle Webster's Megapack brushes.

+ Are you open for commissions? What type of commissions will you accept?

Yes, I'm still open for commissions but I only accept a limited number each month. I make illustrations, book covers, editorial art, business cards etc. My schedule is fully booked nowadays, but if you want an illustration made or a collaborative project you want to make with me, you may head over to my contact page and send me a line.

+ Are you selling any prints of your work? Where can I buy them?

Yes, I am. However, I only sell within convention artist alleys I participate in for now. But you can buy my Zodiac collection (mini card prints) and other prints from my Facebook shop. However, I can only deliver prints within the Philippines. I'm still trying to work out being able to deliver abroad without suffering high shipping rates. I hope to make this internationally available soon.

+ Can I buy an original drawing from you?

Sure! Kindly go to the contact page if you want an original drawing from me. I'd be happy to speak with you about it!

+ Since you've already made a Zodiac collection, are you making a Tarot deck soon?

Yes, but it will be a personal project stretched over a few years. I will be releasing individual artworks for each card as soon as I've started it. And once the deck is done, it will be available for purchase at my shop.

+ Did you study Illustration / Graphic Design / Fine Arts?

No. I'm pretty much self-taught but I did go through a Bootcamp course in smART School with a mentorship from Marc Scheff. Check their website--they have awesome programs and great teachers!

+ Any favorite artists / illustrators?

Most of them dead, really! A lot of them painters, like the Renaissance artists, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood or the artists of the Golden Age of Illustration. For my favorite pencil and ink wielders, I love the likes of C. F. William Mielatz, Franklin Booth, Georges Seurat, Claude Weisbuch and Martin Lewis. Though I also love a considerable number of living artists too! Kit Williams, Michael Parkes, Yoshitaka Amano, Orley Ypon, Rom Villaseran, Agnes Arellano among the few.

+ What does 'The Drawer Kring' mean?

THE DRAWER is a concept that both means (a) one who draws, and (b)a sliding box from a cabinet. I’ve easily fulfilled the first definition by the time I was five but I also wanted to become the second one too. Being so fond of cabinets and their secrets, whether they have gilded porcelain plates or figurines from odd places, I decided to make it a character for my brand. And so, I have THE CABINET with me, which embodies my own eclectic interest in the strange and beautiful. Skulls, specimens, exotic flora & fauna, ships in a jar, the occult, and some things a bit more familiar. My work is currently in the exploration of my personal myths, images and tales from my childhood, death and decay. It’s a jump from one weird shelf to the next. You’ll never know what you’ll get but be assured that my images will always be interesting.

  Raw graphite drawing of SEBASTIAN, a warm-up sketch. Graphite, charcoal and gold marker on paper.

Raw graphite drawing of SEBASTIAN, a warm-up sketch. Graphite, charcoal and gold marker on paper.

  Close-ups of the drawing while in progress.

Close-ups of the drawing while in progress.

Final drawing after digital coloring and editing.
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